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24 September 2020
Danish Online Living Lab - Sustainable Hospitals

Our challenges within the area of ENERGY

We have identified the following challenge areas in regards to the energy consumption in our hospitals in the Norths, Central & Southern Denmark Regions:


    • A lot of data is already available – However, in different building management systems. How do we use this data intelligently, without allocating additional manpower?

    Indoor climate

    • Warmer climate and increasing user requirements, leads us to search for solutions that ensure an acceptable and constant indoor climate, all the while, respecting our sustainability goals.

    Flexible use of energy

    • How can we take advantage of fluctuating electrical prices, caused by an increasing amount of wind power in Denmark? We are looking for proven systems or concepts, that is able to manage these fluctuations as an opportunities, rather than challenges.

    Reuse of energy

    • Reuse of energy is of course preferrable, without compromising the clinical needs of the hospitals! We are looking for proven systems or concepts for reuse of energy in buildings. Surplus energy can be captured from e.g. cooling systems, district heating systems or sewage.

    Energy behavior

    • We are looking proven concepts, in to obtain lasting behavior changes in an environment where patients are moving trough our building, and where yearly the employee turnover is more than 25%.

    Other solutions?

    • If you have identified additional areas where your solution could be used/implemented, please sign up for the event, and fill out your profile!

    (PLEASE NOTE: ALL solutions will be screened, and selected solution providers will be invited to a 20 minute meeting - during the matcmaking sessions - with our two challenge owner groups of experts, representing North, Central & Southern Denmark Regions)

    Watch Maria Gaden, Chief Project Manager - Sustainable Hospitals at Randers Regional Hospital present the overall context of the Living lab, and the specific challenges within ENERGY here:

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