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24 September 2020
Danish Online Living Lab - Sustainable Hospitals

Our challenges within the area of RESOURCES

We have identified the following challenge areas in regards to the ressource consumption in our hospitals in the Norths, Central & Southern Denmark Regions:

Plastic waste streams and upcycling

  • Large amounts of plastic products and wrappings are used every day in a hospital setting. Research shows, that 40% of what we get in, are produced in ways, that makes it nearly impossible to recycle. We want the right type of plastic IN, so we can get it OUT in the correct way.
  • Hygiene and safety issues can make it difficult to recycle certain groups of products, i.e. operational equipment, blood, chemistry or medicine containing products. The design of our equipment, and use of decontaminating technologies, may be part of the solution. 

General waste management

  • Wanting to sort our garbage in multiple fragments demands practical solutions that makes this possible and easy for all employees. The physical space for garbage handling is very limited within the clinical departments. Space is also an issue within facility management settings, and comprimators, shredders, garbage sorting technologies etc. could be part of the solution.
  • Sorting waste has to be safe for the employees, and the right design of both products and waste-containers/-separators are essential.

Single use vs. multiple use

  • For the last 10 years, more and more products have become single use, and we want to reverse this tendency, in cases, where multiple use is more sustainable. It could be within the areas of protection gear, operational equipment, or textiles, etc.

Product optimization based on new materials and processes

  • Many products are not designed for reuse, repair or recycling: I.e. made of both plastic and metal, not possible for employees to separate in waste handling procedures.
  • Take-back systems or reuse systems/processes with providers or third partners. I.e. fluid containers that are refilled, medtech equipment take-back solutions for optimal reuse/recycling in new productions etc.
  • Products made of biological materials, and local composting procedures/facilities.

Reduction and reuse of water

  • Use of rainwater within a hospital setting is challenged by legislation, but we are curious to challenge those - in a responsible, innovative way.
  • Cleaning procedures demands use of large amounts of water in a hospital setting. If we want to increase the amount of multiple use clinical equipment, we need to reduce water consumption to make sustainable solutions.


Transforming hospitals into sustainable organizations requires behavioral changes from our employees. We are curious in regard to nudging tools, communicational approaches and/or campaign programs, that can support the change - and make it last.

Other solutions?

  • If you have identified additional areas where your solution could be used/implemented, please sign up for the event, and fill out your profile!

    (PLEASE NOTE: ALL solutions will be screened, and selected solution providers will be invited to a 20 minute meeting - during the matcmaking sessions - with our two challenge owner groups of experts, representing North, Central & Southern Denmark Regions)

    Watch Maria Gaden, Chief Project Manager - Sustainable Hospitals at Randers Regional Hospital present the overall context of the Living lab, and the specific challenges within RESOURCES here:

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